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Anytime, Anywhere

In a world where everything is just a tap away, we believe enjoyment should be at the top of the list. So, we’re teaming up with Netflix to unleash enjoyment to the absolute max. With brews that can go anywhere and a streaming platform that takes you everywhere, we’re serving up great taste and good times whenever and wherever you like.

Adventure is brewing

Enjoyment is in the palm of your hands. Where will it take you?

Across The Continent

Toss a coin and raise a glass to Geralt’s Gold. Inspired by Netflix’s The Witcher, this legendary Helles is a hopped-filled toast to The Continent’s greatest anti-hero: Geralt of Rivia.

With layers of depth and beautiful nuance, it’s just as intriguing as it is smooth. Aromatics wander through citrus and florals atop a peach nose and medium body. With a radiant gold pour and dynamic flavor, it promises a delicious destiny to all who dare drink it.

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Even More To Enjoy

The excitement doesn’t end here. Explore even more brews to inspire your real world adventures and browse our full library of styles to bring home today.