Fancy Like American Pale

6-Pack | Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Brewed in collaboration with country singer-songwriter Walker Hayes, Fancy Like is a classic American Pale for easy drinkin’ and simple livin’. It’s clean, crisp, and as traditional as they come; what you’d call an all-American brew, crafted for good times with good people - wherever that may be.

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Aromas, Notes & Styles

  • American Pale
  • Smooth
  • Sweet

About This Brew

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted Barley, Flaked Maize, Hops, Wheat, Yeast.

Contains: Corn, Wheat

Nutritional info

  • Calories : 60
  • Fat : 0 g
  • Carbohydrates : 12 g
  • Fibre : 0 g
  • Sugar : 3 g
  • Protein : 1 g
  • Cholesterol : 0 mg
  • Sodium : 15 mg
  • Potassium : 110 mg
  • Calcium : 10 mg
  • Iron : 0 mg

Nutritional Information per 1 can (355mL)

The Chief Fancy Officer Is Here

When Walker Hayes let us know he had big ideas for a new brew, we couldn’t wait to get started. Little did we know, just how grand his plans were…

An All-American Duet

Named for one of Walker’s hit songs and inspired by the first brews he ever drank, Fancy Like is a classic all-American brewski. It’s smooth, simple, and refreshing, with no frills but great taste—as great at the bar as it is at the bonfire, and everywhere in between.

“Fancy Like is an Amercian classic that exists with everything awesome - backyard BBQs, baseball, and bonfires. Grab a 6-pack, pull up a lawn chair, and get the good times goin with family and friends.”

– Walker Hayes

Country Singer-Songwriter

“We were already huge fans of Walker's music, so we were stoked to learn that our brews were in his fridge. After getting to know his story, and seeing his passion for Athletic, we knew we needed to collaborate on a no-frills brew made for easy drinkin' and simple livin'.”

– Andrew Katz

Chief Marketing Officer

Brewer's Notes

Our Story

Light-bodied, sessionable, low bitterness and subtly sweet.


Drink It With

Date nights, bonfires, boats, family, friends, baseball.