Malou Peterson: Backcountry Skier

by / Feb 14, 2020
Malou Peterson: Backcountry Skier

After an injury that kept her from skiing, and pretty much doing anything, for two years, Malou realized that her love wasn’t for racing on skis but for adventure in the wilderness. This ignited her passion for backcountry skiing in some of the most beautifully rugged places on Earth. 

After healing up, Malou was in pursuit of the best snow and backcountry skiing in the world. She left her small town in Sweden for Revelstoke, British Columbia, which is now her home. 

Join us for a conversation about snow, mountains, injury, surfing, and adventure. 

How to find Malou:

Instagram: @maloupeterson

YouTube: Kajsa & Malou

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