Joe De Sena: Spartan Founder

by / May 08, 2020
Joe De Sena: Spartan Founder

Joe De Sena is on a mission to get 100 million people off the couch through his company, Spartan, the world’s leading obstacle race. Many of you are probably familiar with Spartan, but might not be familiar with Joe. At his core, he’s an entrepreneur that grew up between his mom, a yogi, and his father, a successful businessman teaching him a balance between hard work and purpose. 

That balance, coupled with his intense desire to challenge himself and others, has led Joe to experience some of the harshest conditions on Earth while completing some of the most extreme competitions. His story has taken literally hundreds of interesting turns and his experiences are too vast to capture here. 

After a successful career on Wall Street, Joe moved his family to a 700-acre farm in Vermont where they grow organic produce, operate a bed and breakfast, and a general store for Appalachian Trail hikers. This setting was the perfect scenario for the idea of Spartan to be born. 

Spartan has now grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with over one million annual participants in more than 40 countries. 

Joe is also a two-time NY Times bestselling author and host of the @spartanuppodcast. Find out more about his books here:

Instagram: @ealjoedesena @spartan